Hail Damage

Hail damage on a house

Hail Damage Claims   Hail damage to your roof is a common property damage situation and unfortunately, hail damage claims are typically denied or markedly underpaid by insurance companies. When your home or business suffers hail damage, it is your responsibility to prove and document your damages to the insurance company. Hail Damage claims and the required documentation is […]


Homeowner Claims   Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters for Homeowners Experiencing the loss of your home or dealing with major property damage can be emotionally overwhelming. Let thepublic claims adjusters from Up Front Settlements take the hassle out of your  insurance claims process. We will handle all details and negotiations with your insurance company.  Our number one objective is to take […]

Frozen/Broken Pipes

Broken and Frozen Pipes   If your home has suffered water damage as a result of broken or frozen pipes, there is a good chance your claim will be covered. However it is your responsibility to take action immediately. If your insurance company believes you have delayed in your response, they can deny your entire claim. Unfortunately, if […]

Tornado/Wind Damage

Wind Damage Claims Adjuster MI While blown-off roofs and broken windows are sure signs of wind damage, the less obvious structural damages to your home or commercial property are most often overlooked, especially by an insurance adjuster who is in a rush to settle your claim.   After a big storm, many insurance companies use large […]

Water/Flood Damage

House sinking into the water

Water Damage Claims & Insurance Adjuster Water damage is a common insurance claim for many homeowners. How you file your water damage claim can make the difference between full coverage and denial. There are specific types of water claims that an insurance company will not cover. Knowing the difference and responding quickly to your water damage is critical […]

Fire Claims Adjuster MI DEALING WITH FIRE DAMAGE? If you have experienced a fire loss in your home or commercial property, you are definitely dealing with a lot of additional stress. Upfront Settlements exists specifically for the policyholder during stressful times like these. Your insurance company’s primary goal is to minimize their loss. Unfortunately, this […]

We have been in Our Rental Home for 3 Days

We have been in our rental home for 3 days. It was a dramatic process with a lot of yelling but we finally got here and have beds to sleep in, a kitchen for meals, and almost as important, a washer and dryer for laundry. No saving quarters required! Our dogs are still nervous and […]

September 28, 2014

One week since the tornado hit our home and we are still in a hotel. I am trying to create normalcy to our routine of getting up in the morning, going to school, and homework. I’ve created homework stations in the two adjoining rooms and we have basic groceries for breakfast and snacks. We only […]

September 21, 2014

It was like a dream except when I woke up the dream never stopped. I lay in the bed stunned, trying to compute what was really happening. It was hard to process because the sounds were like none I had ever heard before. My thoughts were racing yet everything seemed to be in slow motion. […]