Water Damage Claims & Insurance Adjuster

Water damage is a common insurance claim for many homeowners. How you file your water damage claim can make the difference between full coverage and denial. There are specific types of water claims that an insurance company will not cover. Knowing the difference and responding quickly to your water damage is critical in order to secure appropriate coverage during the claims process. The Public Adjusters at Up Front Settlements are insurance claims experts, and know how to best assist you in settling your water damage claim. Up Front Settlements will prepare, submit and negotiate your water damage claim and ensure that your best interests are always represented.

Up Front Settlements takes pride in our ability to simplify and easily explain the claims process, helping you to understand your rights within the policy and keeping you informed and aware of options every step of the way. At Up Front Settlements, we know what it takes to professionally present a water damage claim and achieve maximum settlement results for your catastrophic loss.


Your Insurance Adjuster may have varying degrees of experience, knowledge and ability. More importantly, your Insurance Adjuster will be under great pressure from management and other policyholders and have huge time constraints due to the volume of claims they must handle. The bottom line – Insurance Adjusters make mistakes – mistakes which could cost you a lot of money. You need the Public Adjusters from Upfront Settlements on your side!


Upfront Settlements can help you with: