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At Up Front Settlements we are experts in insurance policy. Our executive staff is comprised of veterans of corporate insurance claims departments giving us inside knowledge of the claims process. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to our clients best interest, making it our mission to maximize your settlements through our professionally licensed insurance claims adjusters. At Up Front Settlements we specialize in both commercial and residential property damage claims, and are equipped to handle all aspects of your property damage.

We are strong advocates for the insured, guiding clients through the complexities of the claims process. Our trusted professionals use their expertise combined with their extensive knowledge to tailor their approach to each individual client’s case. Personal service and proven expertise are hallmarks of our reputation, meaning Up Front Settlements is always on YOUR side as we work hard to recover the maximum insurance claim settlement for you.

Up Front Settlements is based out of Oakland County and services all of areas of Michigan and Ohio. With Claims in the Upper Peninsula, Kalamazoo, Toledo, and Columbus, the professional claims adjusters at Up Front Settlements are ready to help you with your insurance property claims. We have the knowledge and resources to develop a claims strategy to maximize your claim recovery and make the claims process as simple for you as possible.

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