Hail Damage Claims


Hail damage to your roof is a common property damage situation and unfortunately, hail damage claims are typically denied or markedly underpaid by insurance companies. When your home or business suffers hail damage, it is your responsibility to prove and document your damages to the insurance company. Hail Damage claims and the required documentation is a long and tedious process.

Hail can damage your siding, shingles and or gutters without visible signs from the ground. Your Insurance company adjuster will often miss items and write an incomplete settlement offer or your claim could be denied all together due to the lack of supportive documentation. Don’t let your insurance adjuster’s inexperience or the time constraints he/she is under lead to a less than thorough inspection, or a poorly written or incomplete repair estimate.

Turn your Hail Damage Claim over to the Public Adjusters at Up Front Settlements. We will dedicate the time needed to secure the proper inspection of the full extent of your damages and to provide a thorough claims damage report. All damages to your roof system, including the damages to your siding, gutters, and fascia will be fully documented. The Public Adjusters at Up Front Settlements will provide the documents and reports needed to maximize your settlement and help to secure the money you need to repair your home properly. Let Up Front Settlements work on your behalf. We know the questions to ask and what needs to be done to protect your rights. Up Front Settlements is on your side when it comes to getting the largest settlement for your hail damage claim.