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Michigan Claims Adjuster

Combining over 25 years in insurance claims experience, Ed Benavides and Up Front Settlements can provide you an active voice in your favor against the insurance companies. Damage claims are going to happen and when they do, you need a public insurance adjuster in Michigan to work for you.

Public Insurance Adjuster

If you are not familiar with the term, a public insurance adjuster is a claims adjuster who is hired by you and works with your best interest at heart. When you have to file a claim for fire damage, water damage, frozen pipes, or even tornado or wind damage, an insurance adjuster will come out for your insurance company and look over the damage. These individuals are working for your insurance company—not you, but Up Front Settlements works for you and will help to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Insurance Adjuster in Michigan

Up Front Settlements offers services in all areas of Michigan. We specialize in commercial and residential property damage claims and we have the knowledge to provide proven techniques to get you a fair settlement to cover all of the damage that you have incurred. Our executive staff is comprised of veterans of corporate insurance claims departments, so we are all aware of how insurance companies work and what tactics they will present to you.

Michigan Public Adjuster

Before you file any claims with your insurance company in regards to damages, contact our claims adjuster in Michigan so we can look over the situation and make sure that you are completely informed and represented when your insurance company sends out their adjuster. Let us help you with all of your insurance property claims so that you get the full amount of money that you deserve.

Protect Your Interests

Up Front Settlements has the right staff and the proper knowledge to help protect your interests in any insurance damage claim. As a Michigan insurance adjuster, we have all the insights and information to help you with your property damage claims. There is no reason to face this issue alone. We have contacts throughout Michigan so you will maximize your claim recovery as well as be represented by a company that is familiar with all the techniques the insurance company will use on you. Contact us next time you have a property damage claim that you need help with.

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