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Lansing Claims Adjuster

Facing your insurance company claims adjuster can be stressful after you have suffered property damage. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone working on your side, holding your hand through the entire process so you were not walking blindly? Up Front Settlements does just that. We are a Lansing public adjuster working for you, ensuring that the insurance companies treat you with respect and offer a fair settlement.

Public Insurance Adjuster in Lansing

As a public insurance adjuster, we represent the client, not the insurance company. Instead of worrying about profits and losses like the insurance company does, we are focused on helping you receive the highest settlement possible to make sure you are able to repair the property damage the right way, and not hastily and with cheap materials.

Lansing Insurance Adjuster

Up Front Settlements has over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. All of our veteran staff members have held positions in the claims departments of corporate insurance companies. Those positions have given us exceptional insight into how the insurance companies work and allow us to create a successful strategy for you to deal with them. Dealing with claims is a tedious process and any slight error on your part could give the insurance company the opportunity to deny your claim.

Utilize Our Experience

Use our experience to your benefit! The claims adjuster in Lansing will walk you through the process step by step so you will not be surprised by any part of the process. You have control and power in the claims process, so do not let the insurance company dictate everything.

Property Damage Claims

Sometimes it was a fire, other times it was water damage, and other times it was frozen pipes. No matter what kind of property damage you’re facing, the process is generally the same. Our insurance adjuster in Lansing will show you how to check the marketplace for contractors, gather estimates for the damage, and know what you should be receiving from the insurance company. Even if it is tornado or wind damage, the process is the same. Let Up Front Settlements guide you through the claims process so you can receive a fair settlement and move forward with your life.

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