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Insurance Adjuster in Brighton

Helping the residents of Brighton for over 25 years, Up Front Settlements is a public insurance adjuster in Brighton. We work on your side when you need to file a property damage claim. Instead of dealing with the insurance companies on your own, you will have an experienced person working on your behalf to help get you the best results.

Insurance Adjuster in Brighton
When you suffer property damage from a fire or even water damage, the first thought is to quickly contact your insurance company. Once that is done, they will send out a claims adjuster to inspect the damage and provide you with a quote for a claim. Often, that quote is way below the fair settlement amount, but you may not know that. Up Front Settlements provides you with an experienced insurance adjuster to verify that you are being offered a fair quote.

Property Damage Claims
Property damage can happen in many different areas, including frozen pipes, tornado/wind damage, water damage from storms or floods, and even fires. Unless you know the costs of contractors to repair all of the damage and the parts and labor that are involved, how would you know if the insurance company is treating you fairly? Up Front Settlements is well-versed and experienced in all of these matters, and we will provide a Brighton public adjuster for you so you do not have to worry about all of that.

Brighton Insurance Adjuster
All of our experienced staff members at Up Front Settlements have previously worked for corporate insurance companies in their claims departments. We are completely aware of the tactics they use and how they are trying to save money for the insurance companies. If your insurance company indicates that you do not need a public claims adjuster, then that may be a red flag to contact us. We make sure the insurance company plays fair.

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Up Front Settlements knows you want to be treated properly and also have your damage repaired properly and in a timely manner. Our claims adjuster in Brighton will survey your damage and let you know what the insurance company should offer you. Since you pay your premiums every month, don’t you think you deserve to be treated in a respectable manner when you file your property damage claim? Having Up Front Settlements supporting you will be a huge step in receiving the proper settlement you deserve.

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