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Need A Trusted Fire Claims Adjuster In Ohio?

fire claims adjuster

Fire claims are always particularly difficult for everybody involved in them. What the fire doesn’t consume, thick smoke invariably destroys. Naturally, the safety of everyone within is the primary concern. But when the sirens fade and the last embers have been extinguished, that for many is when the truest sense of loss hits home. Some of your most precious items and treasured places may have disappeared in an instant. We are here to step in when you need help most and make that moment easier for you to handle.

Experienced fire claims adjuster Ohio

As the most experienced fire claims adjuster Ohio has to offer, we’re unfortunately in a better position than most to understand just how much of an impact fire can have – not only on the property, but on the people who lived or worked in that building.That’s why all of us here at Upfront Settlements are passionate about going the extra mile for these people, and helping them come to terms with their losses and get back on their feet.

Our services to families and businesses

We have worked with families and businesses up and down the state. We’ve experienced their stories, shared in their emotions and understood their frustrations. Because the simple fact is that for many people – not just in Ohio but throughout the United States – the process of making insurance claims is much more arduous and complicated than it needs to be. At a time when you’re feeling at a low ebb and you’re trying to make sense of the world again, the last thing you need is a confrontational exchange with an indifferent call centre, searching for holes in your story.

Upfront Settlements is a different kind of company.

How we help you?

We will be your representative from the first call to the receipt of your final settlement. We’ll be on your side, handling every negotiation and dealing with every document. With Upfront Settlements, you can expect a comprehensive fire claims adjusting service which assures you of the care and consideration you need at such a vulnerable time.

The benefit of using Upfront Settlements as your Ohio fire claims adjuster isn’t just the added value personal service you’ll experience. Yes – we’ll approach your claim with the empathy that insurance firms often lack. Yes – our attentive team will afford you the courtesy of really listening to you. Yes – we’ll save you valuable time with trying to decipher the confusing correspondence with your insurance company. Our service is exceptional, but we’ve also forged a strong reputation for leaving you with a maximum insurance settlement.

Our portfolio

Upfront Settlements has a proud portfolio of case studies, showing where we’ve represented the best interests of our customers and worked hard to deliver results which go beyond their highest expectations. We’d be delighted to share our good news stories with you, showing you the kind of service and results you could expect with the region’s number one name in fire claims.

Contact us

If you’re currently dealing with fire damage and you need a friendly place to turn, Upfront Settlements will always be here to help you. All you need to do is contact us before you get in touch with your insurance company. From here, we’ll take care of everything. To get your fire damage claim started, simply call 248-841-5674, or send an email to

It’s not only fire damage either. At Upfront Settlements, we also have a team of experts working in the fields of flood damage, wind damage and general commercial property damage claims. We’re here to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet and back to normal.

Your insurance company cares about their money. At Upfront Settlements, we care about you.