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Why We’re The Leading Water Claims Adjuster In Ohio

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Water claims are among the most popular in the insurance industry. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a catastrophic flood, it’s not always the financial cost of water damage which is the most difficult part to deal with. It can often be the emotional sense of loss which comes with having to surrender something you once held dear – and in the most severe cases of water damage, the devastation caused can be truly merciless.When anger, upset and frustration are high, you can rely on Upfront Settlements to offer the support you need.

Reliable water claims adjuster Ohio

We’re a water claims adjuster Ohio residents have been relying on for many years. We’ve forged a strong reputation for the excellence of our service, but crucially, the level of care and consideration we extend to each and every customer. We understand that your insurance claim is more than just a reference number – we understand the confusing blend of emotions which result from having to make a water damage claim. With Upfront Settlements, you’ll notice a friendly and supportive tone which just isn’t there with insurance companies. We take the time to listen to you, and the impact your water damage has had on your wellbeing. Because it’s only by knowing your story that we can help you secure the maximum settlement and help you set off on a road to recovery.

The claims process

As claims adjusters, we’ve seen firsthand how the process of claiming on your insurance for water damage can often be far from crystal clear. The bureaucracy can be impenetrable, the whole experience incredibly time-consuming. The honest truth behind the insurance industry is that when you need a company’s help, and you want them to help you get back on your feet, you’ll find that they are not representing your best interests. They are trying to keep hold of their money. At Upfront Settlements, we don’t believe in forcing you to jump through hoop after hoop – with your water damage problems, you’ve already been through enough.

With Upfront Settlements, you’ll be treated like the victim instead of being painted as a scapegoat.

Our client care

From the moment you pick up the phone, or drop us an email, you’ll feel the warmth of our industry-beating customer service. You’ll feel supported by our team of experienced claims adjusters, working around the clock to handle every single letter, email and phone call between you and your insurance company. We’ll fight your corner, negotiating to the best of our ability to leave you with a settlement you never thought possible.

But why is Upfront Settlements the team to trust for thousands of people making water claims in Ohio and the wider area? Simply, with us it’s personal.

We will approach your claim with the empathy your story deserves. We’ll be a supportive voice on the end of a phone. A friend and ally, not a stone-cold gatekeeper standing between you and the funds you need to start your recovery. When times are hard and you feel like nothing is going your way, Upfront Settlements will take all the stress and hassle from your insurance claim and give you the time and space you need to think clearly.

Contact and learn about us

Ask to see our case studies of people who have used Upfront Settlements to handle their water damage claim. You’ll see how we go above and beyond for our customers, delivering outstanding results time after time. When you need a helping hand with your water damage claim, before calling your insurance company be sure to make your very first call to Upfront Settlements. You can reach us at 248-841-5674 or

Your insurance company cares about their money. At Upfront Settlements, we care about you.