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Do I Need A Public Adjuster?

Do I Need A Public Adjuster

Who’s In Your Corner?

Do I need a public adjuster is a question that many people find themselves asking after experiencing a disaster to their home or property.

Filing an insurance claim after sustaining such damage and loss is a very stressful process, and since it is likely a new one to you, it is a logical question to ask.

The short answer?

You absolutely do need to have one, and there is a simple reason why.  A public adjuster works for you, and the insurance company’s adjuster works for the insurance company.

Let me stress this point.

When you hire a public adjuster, you are taking on an advocate and representative for your interests, at a time when you need it most.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits to you when you do bring on an adjuster to handle your claim.

Less Grey Hairs

As noted above, there is a lot of stress when dealing with substantial loss in your life, not to mention when negotiating with insurance companies.

It can also be a time consuming process, especially if your claim is large.

The time and energy necessary to accurately document every detail of your loss can be overwhelming if you are trying to do the job yourself, and are learning the process for the first time.

This is why the answer to, do I need a public adjuster acting on my behalf, is a resounding yes.

Time Saved Is An Asset

A thorough understanding of valuation requirements is critical to presenting a complex insurance claim along with comprehensive supporting documentation that ensures a full, expedited financial recovery.

A competent public adjuster is experienced in these matters and will assume all necessary responsibilities to prepare your claim.

The will compile an inventory, write your estimates for you, and prepare the claim documents.

They are experts in insurance policy, and their time spent in the industry gives them insider knowledge of the entire claims process.  This kind of expertise will allow them to maximize your claim recovery and see your claim is processed in an efficient manner.

Your public adjuster will be comfortable interpreting and understanding the ins and outs of your contract and will identify the insurance company’s responsibilities right down to the fine print.

Simply put, they will save you valuable time and help you avoid stress and headache when you are trying to rebuild.


It is a sad reality that many homeowners do not collect the entirety of the money that they are entitled to.

A skilled and experienced public adjuster will use their knowledge to ensure that you are receiving the  fair compensation due to you.

It goes without saying that you are going to need to replace what you have lost, whether this be personal belongings or a new roof for your house, and you will require the appropriate funds to do so.

Please don’t end up on the losing side of this negotiation and have to pay out of pocket.

Your public adjuster will see that this does not happen to you.

Their rates are typically between 10% – 15% of your net claim, depending on your state’s policies.

This means they are inherently interested in ensuring that you will receive all that you are entitled to based on your contract with the insurance company.

Your public adjuster is your ally in your efforts to rebuild your life as quickly as you can.

Final Words

When disaster strikes, and you are wondering if you need a public adjuster, ask yourself what you have to lose.

They only get paid if you get paid, and they are experts at what they do.

Make a wise and prudent decision and consult with a public adjuster to find out the best option for your situation to regain stability and enjoy your life again.